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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mouse jiggler, make yourself look busy on your PC.

Today we are going to show you how to build a mouse jiggler so that you can keep your PC active and make yourself look busy to others on Microsoft Teams, WebEx Teams, Skype, and many other live chat apps.

The first thing I have to explain is that is not very complicated and requires no soldering. It will however require some Arduino code, but you can just cut and paste my code at the bottom.

First of you well need this little item. It is called Lily Go Leonardo, and it has a micro pc built in. I will now explain how a PC is crammed into this keychain USB.

It uses a standard micro pc chip based on the Arduino Leonardo system, and technically it is a computer on a chip. It is also referred to as a Keyboard, but that is probably because you can code it to type so many things, like a 246 character password that you can make it type out 3 seconds after you plug it in.

This might sound crazy, but you can basically lock down all your accounts and they will not be able to be hacked for quite a while. After all even a 128 character password would take 93 Trillion years for a hacker program to figure out. These are actual facts put forth by the Computer Security Foundation and Council. 

so basically I wrote a mouse jiggler program so that my pc will always stay awake no matter what I am doing. Mainly this is because when i am scanning in electronics and pc equipment into an excel document, sometimes I have to lay the Bluetooth scanner down and untangle a mess of wires. Sometimes this can take several minutes up to and past a half an hour. By that time the computer screen has already went into lock mode and I have to walk back over to the laptop and log back in.

Now this can b e a security issue in any other department, but since it is just me back in the warehouse jamming out to Ferry Corsten and the State of Trance, I will have no worries.

The mouse functions enable 32u4 micro based boards to control cursor movement on a connected computer through their micro boards native USB port. When updating the cursor position, it is always relative to the cursor’s previous location.

This loads the mouse library to let you use it.

#include <Mouse.h>

These core libraries allow the 32u4 and SAMD based boards (Leonardo, Esplora, Zero, Due and MKR Family) to appear as a native Mouse and/or Keyboard to a connected computer.

The next bit of code is as I stated in the code with the forward slash annotations, that it is to move the mouse pointer every 60 seconds. You can adjust your time, but just remember that 1 second equals 1000, which is milliseconds. So to have your mouse move once per minute it would have to be set at 60,000 milliseconds, or what we just call 60 seconds. So to have the mouse move once every 10 minutes, if your screen locks at the standard 12 to 15 minutes, you will need to set the milliseconds to 600,000 instead of 60,000. Of course since this is C+ you can not use commas in numerical values so 600,000 will be represented as 600000 and 60,000 as 60000 and 6,000 as 6000 and such.

//move every 60 seconds/every minute
int move_interval = 60000;

This is just the next step of instructions that is telling the mouse to begin.

void setup() {

The next set of code is telling the mouse where to randomly move. In this context I am having the cursor moved .1 pixel on the screen in any direction so it is not noticeable to the human eye, but the computer will register it all the same.

void loop() {
  int x = random(-.1,.1);
  int y = random(-.1,.1);
  Mouse.move(x, y, 0);

The official link to purchase a Lily Go Programmable ATmega32U4 USB Stick

Source code: For the uninitiated, and those who want to skip the programming.
Click and drag and copy all the text that is colored Blue below. You can post this into your Arduino program as a new code and the select Run. It will begin to function immediately

#include <Mouse.h>

//move every 60 seconds/every minute
int move_interval = 60000;

void setup() {

// Values of the mouse location are set to .1 so as to not be noticeable if someone observes your screen.
void loop() {
  int x = random(-.1,.1);
  int y = random(-.1,.1);
  Mouse.move(x, y, 0);

Enjoy your Malicious Compliance, of being told to always be available on Teams. :P

Monday, June 27, 2022 presents Kirby64 and The Crystal Shards

Check out this weeks video and watch a Nintendo 64 game , be played on a Rock Pi Android board.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Sony PlayStation "PSX" Mini Classic


The menu of the Sony PlayStation Mini Classic, and no mods are installed. You can plug a jump drive into the front USB port, but you lose a controller port, so no 2 player games. You can also open the unit up and modify the system to have a USB stick permanently plugged into the USB micro port on the back. You can then upload games to the system as a USB drive and then when ready to play plug the system into power and let her rip.

Oh the look of this logo is so grand that I have this on a hat, a short and some cups.

CAPCOM, to be clear, not the idiots that fucked up the Apollo program. Just video game makers that chose a cool name while in Japan, so no copyright holding. That and the Space Program CAPCOM forgot to copyright their own name. Dumbshits.

So many hours were wasted playing this game and yet we put up with the ridicoulus video input from the people that made the game.

Barry: Why the hell are we even out here?!
Wesker: To get the money to pay for acting lessons?
Jill Valentine: It's too late for you, Wesker.
Wesker: Oh. Ok.

Hello Rebecca Chambers, and how.

How many people were hot after her when they played this game. I know I was and was romantically involved with a girl named Amy that looked just like her. oh yeah that was a treat, and yes I was divorced and single at the time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The SNES Mini Classic


I used Hakchi to mod the SNES Mini Classic and uploaded 45 more games to the system. I love playing SimCity on the system. Here is the logo that you are faced with every time the system boots. In the newer version though, you can stop the splash screen from appearing now or place one of your own.

Here is the menu now after I have modded the system and I now have around 75 games, maybe more.

I think my citizens hate my guts. I adorned my house with a large $ symbol made out of trees.

After all I have forced them to live in low income housing. Look at all those residential areas crammed in together. Usually they are a block wide the size of that Hospital in the shape of a cross.

Apparently SimCity is mimicking real life, and no one wants to work. See all those I's, those are industrial jobs.

The railway station is nicely done though. I pat myself on the back.

I have found a way to get power lines to a location without running a new set of lines and messing up the scenery. Just lay the power lines on the rail way and they auto connect.

Super Mario World, with unlimited lives.

I already spent off 29 lives before I did a screen grab for the post.  :P

That unobtainable treasure. usually I am small when I get down here and can not get to it, but I can now.

I am trying to hide in behind the midway check point, but it does not seem to be working.

But I digress, I am gaming to the nines so that I can get through my COVID incident.  Time to play Super Batman!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The NES Mini Classic

 Todays post will be about the NES Mini Classic and some screenshots that I have taken from the device. So time to retrieve my screen capture card and put it some crazy goodness gaming feels.

Now as you can tell this machine is not modded at all. Call it laziness or whatever, but it shall be modded soon. I already have some NES ROMs backed up to a storage drive to upload to the device. Quite a few classics and some hard to find ROMs as well.

I forgot what the actual storage of this unit is on the ROM side, but Hakchi will be able to give an update on what space is available in the NES Mini Classic.

Friday, June 3, 2022

So, how do you COVID?

So, now that since I have contracted COVID-19, I have gone as far as to relocate the blogging machine to another part of the house. I am now using a newly minted HP monitor, the last of the silver series as a monitor for my retro classic mini consoles.

The first up is the NES Mini Classic. It is not modded in any way, but I have been thinking about adding more roms to it of course. It currently has the stock amount of roms, but there are some that I loved to play back in the day at the time of their release, that I would love to play again. RoboCop, Blaster Master, Breakout, TMNT and many more. Less we can not forget the classic Batman series. Many a hot summer nights were spent playing that on the 36 inch color tv in the front room just waiting for the rainstorm to come through, sipping on ice tea and eating corndogs.

Next up we have the SNES Mini Classic. This I have modded and it now has over 75 games, possibly 125. I think that is the max you can go before you overload the storage buffers.

The Sony PSX Mini Classic is not modded but I have a plan to mod it and add up to 200 games on it. Some people complain that it runs slow or bad, but I have never ran into that. Maybe mine was changed.